auth token
An OAuth2 token used to authenticate with the Curb REST API. The token may be either an access token or refresh token. Tokens should be treated like passwords – keep them safe and secure!
A set of configuration options that collectively defines how to interpret data, and access real time data.
A source of power measurement data, such as a circuit breaker.
register groups
A collection of registers, logically grouped for a specific purpose, such as “use”, “mains”, “solar”, or “grid”.
An energy monitoring device, which in this case is the Curb Hub. A sensor will have one or more registers associated with it.
sensor group
A collection of sensor (Curb) devices, grouped in a logical manner, such as “Main Panel”. A given sensor will usually have at most 18 registers, and multiple sensors may be needed to cover numerous circuit breakers/electric panels in a given location.